Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Business Unusual

Business Unusual is a Ethical Business Consulting & Coaching Organisation

The ‘Business Unusual Vision:

“To consult, equip, mentor & coach business leaders and investors in Ethical Business Principles and Sound Decision Making.”

The ‘Business Unusual Mission:

o   Ethical Business Consulting;

o   Teaching sound Ethical Business Principles;

o   Mentor and Coaching Business Leaders in sound Ethical Business Principles based on the ‘Ethical Leadership Model’;

o   Coaching the application of Ethical Principles in the workplace, business, marriage, family, health , finances etc;

o   Advocating and providing Ethical Financial Advice & Kingdom Financial Services;

o   Helping business leaders understand the Characteristics, Privileges and Responsibilities of Kingdom Citizen’s and Stewards.

o   Teaching Ethical Financial Principles & Banking. How to maximise the bottom line of a business without getting its clients into more debt. Equip business leaders and individuals how to become debt free even in a recession.

Sample Conference & Speaking Event topics:

o   “Business Unusual” (Pieter sharing and teaching form real life examples) ;

o   Kingdom Economics;

o   Debt Redemption;

o   Wealth Transfer;

o   Ethical Investment Strategies;

o   Ethical Financial Services.

o  Ethical Financial & Business Principles.